Doctor Mario - We R Not 4 U 2 Have (Bonus Edition)

01. New Rules
02. Theme From 'Order Serenity Eclipse'
03. Controller's Dub
04. Shang Tsung
05. We R Not 4 U 2 Have
06. Fallen Angel
07. Beg 4 Life
08. Schiziod Embolism 

(Bonus Material)

09. Summer Wines
10. Dementia Of The Ass
11. Finally Free Of U
12. Beg 4 Life 2012
13. Koala Trouble
14. Ride To Minas Tirith
15. Focus
16. Anakin
17. Rudeboy
18. Sapporo Yuki Matsuri
19. The Way Of Love 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#20)

The original 8 tracks were written in 1998-99. This was my first full length attempt at an album. I released an EP before that to test the waters. Most of this happened on, now defunct and wildly pirated in Russia. It was a dark time. I had a very Jim Morrison approach to drug use, which always took the same form: “What do ya got?” To make matters worse, my notions of intellectual property did not exist, after a steady diet of KLF, Coldcut, & Beastie Boys records. This means, I could never really get paid for any of this stuff. I was just gonna steal it, and sonic collage it into one of my perfect little accidents. Not a very lucrative decision, but I wasn’t really in it for the money, or peoples’ ever growing ridiculous notions of fame.

RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2012
GENRE: Breakcore, Dubstep, IDM, Jungle