redHat - Breakcore Trap Bootlegs Vol. 1

01. Graves - Beginning (redHat BTB Remix)
02. I Listen to the Radio
03. Bad Bitches
04. The Car Ride
05. Lief - Spa Day (redHat BTB Remix)

2015 Coma Recordz (CR091) 

Philly native & founder of the seminal witch house/ghetto goth collective known as The Hooded Leaders drops his first release for the label and it's a total fuckin' headbanger! Sit back, relax and zone out to the immaculate hybrid sounds of perfectly blended core and trap. Breaktrap? Trapcore? The GOD has mos def breathed life into a new genre of musick and in doing so has also blessed our ears with the audio righteousness. Keep yr ears to the streets and patiently wait, because in the near distant future BTB Vol. 2 will be dropping like a dead body.

Mastered by Doctor Mario.

RELEASE DATE: May 12, 2015
GENRE: Breakcore, Trap