Hanna Elson - Before: 2010-2012

01. Never Falter
02. Asociality
03. Mountainside Roads
04. Gore Hound
05. Green Pills
06. Let Yourself be Guided by the Light
07. Lunchtime
08. Thomas's Daughter
09. Great Divide, Present
10. The First City She Liked
11. When You Come to Long Island
12. I Bet Your Mom Did a Lot of Acid
13. Spoon-Feeding You
14. Polish
15. Bass and Reverb Minimalist Song
16. Spooky Girls 

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#38) 

1. For myself. 2. The choice to live for no one else. 3. Grown from rocky soil, then hunted. 4. Body relives the past until a better outcome's achieved-being owned, then being properly released. 5. Stutters between comforting, or a desire to smother and start again. 6. Escape route from New York City was overgrown for years. 7. American flag hisses. Broke and hooked on blackouts doesn't work. 8. And letting your definition be told by something else is the gateway sin. 9. Before one remembers, starts to heal, brutality's a way to cope. 10. When Body's been intimate with pain, it takes to the highway with an impulse to burn. 11. Cotton hugs the wet skin, turning-slowly-white to blinding heat. 12. Shovel poses under pine tree, marks the grave where memory plays dead. 13. Reaction to abuse manifests in treating men like kings. 14. Family dialect has no word for Rescue. They say, "Survive." 15. For the girl taking off her clothes in the apple orchard. 16. She's doing nothing wrong.  

RELEASE DATE: August 28, 2013
GENRE: Acoustic, Folk, Lo-Fi


SAFOH - Kalanimikitl

01. Mexican Style
02. I'm Evil
03. Barroque Vandalism
04. In Da House
05. Safoh + Venus - Crystalline Mix
06. Safoh + Khadjar - Beliy Tsvet
07. Safoh + Tooth_Eye - Sweet Shit/Love
08. Safoh vs. The Fixer (Live) 

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#37)

All hail the Mexican breakcore goddess known as SAFOH!! 

RELEASE DATE: August 12, 2013
GENRE: Breakcore, Breaknoise


Deadskin - Master ov Corpse

01. Cerebral Devouring 
02. Viral Carnage
03. Kataleptic Hyperplasia
04. Engorging Despondency
05. Pyrexic Abnormality

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#36)

Deadskin is in an arena where the post-industrial and noise undergrounds fit snuggly with the ever evolving, thrilling permutations of the metal subgenre.

RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2013
GENRE: Metal, Metalstep 


Futant - Singularity

01. Help Is Not On The Way
02. Futurology
03. Electromagnetic
04. Android
05. Event Horizon
06. Cyclotron
07. Uncharted Territory
08. SuperIntelligent (Part A)
09. Ralph Abraham
10. SuperIntelligent (Part Z)
11. Hive
12. Kurzweil's Nightmare
13. Amplification
14. Nanotech Injection
15. Final Contact
16. Singularity
17. Synchronicity 

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#35)

The theory of a "futant," (amalgamating the words "future," and "mutant") was propagated by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe those who have genetically activated thought patterns designed to facilitate the future.

All of our ideas are based on the future that we foresee, and fall in line with the futant archetype. The project reflects a deep interest, if not outright belief, in the principles that Leary put forth. In particular, the ideas laid out about the power of technology and its ability to create alternate realities, causing greater spiritual and philosophical growth. Though this seems like a digression, it is not.

Futant is not responsible for any brain reprogramming that you may occur as a result of listening to our music or viewing our art. We make no apologies for blowing your mind or causing you to question reality.

Futant is 00x and Luxe Futura. 

RELEASE DATE: August 5, 2013
GENRE: Cyberpunk, Dark Ambient, Industrial


DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R Presents - Various Artists Federal Death Alliance

This MASSIVE 100 track compilation is a co-release with Murder Gore Records and features tracks by DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R, DiSloCaTed, DJIKEYCISDIABLO, W! Re vs. PRESSTERROR vs. Subbase, Stiverson, Hel.Razor, DJ Kaos, Deadskin, Break Trailz, The3amAssociation, Super_Sigil, earthling, Fluxx69, Francesco Stablum, JupiterSkydive, D3AD_CHILDR3N, Dr. Gore2000 and many more.

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#34) 

RELEASE DATE: August 3, 2013
GENRE: Ambient, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hardcore, Industrial, Techno