Beyond The Borders - Ya Odin, Against the Machine

01. I Fell in Love With the Machine
02. Electroshaman
03. Flowers of Non-Standard Beauty
04. Our House
05. Invisible Prison of Strict Regime
06. Blow Yourself Up
07. With the Stream
08. Vegan Powar
09. When I Move
10. T-FX 

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR090)  

Welcome, 21st century digital boys and girls, ten years of sonic mutations of Beyond The Borders are in your ears and in front of your eyes now. A remarkable age for a DIY musical project! During these years BTB music and collective have changed a lot, but stayed hardwired to the core principles behind the noise. So far, this is the most advanced version of the audio virus program created by resonances of sonic fields and social white noise in total solitude in my beton-beat laboratory. Everything has been carefully formed and sculptured by me and the voices in my head. The results led to unexpected discoveries, the potential of those discoveries are immense. Now I only need to press ENTER and let it spread into the network. Everyone who comes across it on endless informatic fields will look deep inside the structure and analyze it - they will be the next hosts to spread the virus.... 

This is a co-release with Annoying Beatz Crew. 

Album site:

RELEASE DATE: March 28, 2015
GENRE: Beton Beat, Rave Punk


Null : Void - "So...Can I Date Your Daughter?"

01. All Over Now
02. No New Messages
03. Welcome to The Land of Freedom
04. Monkeys Don't Laugh
05. Sandanista
06. Imperial Code 

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR089) 

This a strange little collection of songs. Three are more industrial flavored. The other three are more club flavored. They're all still pretty dark. The real purpose of writing things like this, was to "de-popify" some genres. Pop music is an evil genre. It just knows that it feeds...kind of how a shark operates. So, I wanted to return punk back to punk, techno back to techno, reggae back to reggae. The pop monster machine has co-opted all of these genres to turn a fast buck, and I ain't havin' it.

Null : Void is MC Town Drunk (vocals & caterwauling) and Doctor Mario (keyboards, guitars, laptops, & treatments). 

RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2015
GENRE: Industrial, Reggae, Techno


Batard Tronique - Bazar Chronic

01. What's My Name
02. Master of Monster Puppets
03. Cocaine in Diskoteka at 4pm
04. Introducing Johnny Kalash
05. Lukyanivska Prison Blues (The Ukrainian Story of Johnny Kalash)
06. L'Oriental
07. SebastiAn vs. Die Antwoord - Dis iz Why I'm Tetra (Batard Tronique's Mashup)
08. Histoire de Q
09. Beat-O-Rama
10. Sexual
11. Islamic Terrorist Paradise
12. Grosses Bourses
13. Outreaux  

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR088) 

Batard Tronique (aka Johnny Kalash) summons his inner Johnny Cash on this one. The song "Lukyanivska Prison Blues" is a cover of the Cash classic "Folsom Prison Blues". The American names and places were replaced by Ukrainian names and places and sung in English with a sort of Ukrainian and French mixed accent. The same thing is done for the song "Introducing Johnny Kalash". The song Grosses Bourses borrows the lyrics from AC/DC's "Big Balls" and is sung in French over an electronic soundscape. "Master of Monster Puppets" is a mashed maelstrom paying tribute to the immortal Metallica song "Master of Puppets". Overall, this is a very gritty and raw sounding album from start to finish. 

This is a co-release with NKS International.

RELEASE DATE: March 6, 2015
GENRE: Breakcore, Electro