Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Dear Beloved (I Have A Heart)

01. Black Leather Jesus
02. The Shadow of the Past
03. Daphne Oram (Hidden Treasures of Oramics)
04. A Tribute to The Genius of Carl Crack (Radio Tschernobly Revisited)
05. Crepusculum One (Dawn of The Ohio Valkyries)
06. Dear Beloved (I Have A Heart)
07. Elegy for Everett Andreus Gant (When Everything Ends, Picture Me Smiling)
08. A Tribute To The Genius Of Michael Scott (KINGDOM Koobaatoo Asparagus)
09. American Dub (Some Like It Hot)
10. Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (Finally Getting Tough On Big Bird)
11. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt And Me (A Personal History Recorded in Five Minutes) 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#22)

Experiment and concept are not mutually exclusive, and this is made evident by Berlin-based musician and composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt's concept of Accidental Guitar. However, the outwardly emotional-spontaneous, intuitive and occasionally wild and furious qualities that are characteristic of his performances and recordings are certainly not generated by accident in other words, they do not arise by chance or as a result of a spontaneous mood. Accidental Guitar is a holistic and grounded concept... 

RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2012
GENRE: Accidental Guitar, Experimental, Noise


W!DE Re:Ceiver and DJ Kaos - Live At The Bowery Ballroom

01. Madame Buffallo
02. TriLaboration
03. He's A Cutter
04. Spirits Dance in Heaven
05. Hellucination
06. Murder/Bachelor#1
07. Relentless Evil Won't Ever Stop
08. Religious Rites
09. TEHL am 300 Radio
10. The White Girls
11. White on White Crime
12. One Night in Texas
13. New World of Only Beautiful Women
14. Eerie Facing Fears
15. Unexpected Anal PlayTime
16. The Untitled Eulogy

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#21)

Sit back and relax ("Don't try to fight it, or you'll start getting brain bubbles, strokes,'ll just wither up and die.") as the demented duo of W!DE Re:Ceiver and DJ Kaos take you on a musical journey into the heart of darkness. 

This release was recorded live at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City on September 9, 2012.   

RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2012
GENRE: Experimental, Power Noise


Doctor Mario - We R Not 4 U 2 Have (Bonus Edition)

01. New Rules
02. Theme From 'Order Serenity Eclipse'
03. Controller's Dub
04. Shang Tsung
05. We R Not 4 U 2 Have
06. Fallen Angel
07. Beg 4 Life
08. Schiziod Embolism 

(Bonus Material)

09. Summer Wines
10. Dementia Of The Ass
11. Finally Free Of U
12. Beg 4 Life 2012
13. Koala Trouble
14. Ride To Minas Tirith
15. Focus
16. Anakin
17. Rudeboy
18. Sapporo Yuki Matsuri
19. The Way Of Love 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#20)

The original 8 tracks were written in 1998-99. This was my first full length attempt at an album. I released an EP before that to test the waters. Most of this happened on, now defunct and wildly pirated in Russia. It was a dark time. I had a very Jim Morrison approach to drug use, which always took the same form: “What do ya got?” To make matters worse, my notions of intellectual property did not exist, after a steady diet of KLF, Coldcut, & Beastie Boys records. This means, I could never really get paid for any of this stuff. I was just gonna steal it, and sonic collage it into one of my perfect little accidents. Not a very lucrative decision, but I wasn’t really in it for the money, or peoples’ ever growing ridiculous notions of fame.

RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2012
GENRE: Breakcore, Dubstep, IDM, Jungle 


MiNDSTR3AM - Vendetta

01. Big Ass
02. Amorkore
03. Poison Ivy
04. The Return
05. Bipolar
06. Remote War
07. Skeyrah
08. 990343
09. Oblique
10. Sabotage
11. R.A.R.E.
12. Tzenegheme 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#19) 

MiNDSTR3AM has been making music since the age of eleven using video games and computers. He has also played for some time in the rave scene. The main characteristics of his sound has always been dark atmospheres with high speed rhythms.

RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2012
GENRE: Breakcore, Hardcore, Jungle, Speedcore 


TalixZen - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

01. Something Wet
02. Didronel
03. Dirt Broke Rock Bottom
04. Butterfly Whispers
05. Klaptrops
06. Softspoken
07. Dental Wire
08. Dark Sea Piano
09. Basement Soup
10. Shuffle Box
11. Pour Vous2
12. Worthy
13. Sparow
14. Darksoundscapes
15. MTSp_ce 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#18)  

TalixZen grew up in a little house his dad built on an island in Nova Scotia and over the years the sounds of skipping CD's, dragging tapes, crackly records and static television sets started sounding good in his mind. 

He now lives in Toronto where he produces and DJ's breakcore as well as hosting breakcore events as a member of the BASS DRIVEN crew. 

RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2012
GENRE: Ambient, Dark Electronic


DJ Kaos - DJ Kaos

01. Chaos 50
02. Suicide
03. Creampie
04. Captain Chaos Mashup Mix
05. New World
06. Cats in a Bag
07. Euphoric Noise - The Dance Ft. Sara (DJ Kaos Remix)

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#17) 

"This is a masterpiece of harsh electronic music. The variety of noises are mixed flawless into each other, yet with the overwelming power of a megaton destructor ramming your head at full speed." (Verdroid) 

Front cover artwork by Christopher Shuman.

RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2012
GENRE: Experimental, Harsh Noise 


J.A.H. Tolkien - The Attack of the Insect Leprechaun Zombies

01. Invocation
02. Last Good bye Dub
03. Radium Leak Dub
04. 12:00 Needle Drama Dub
05. Blarney Stone Dub
06. Lucky Charms Pressure Cooker Dub
07. Pot O' Gold Dub
08. Cuckoo Clock Legs Dub 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#16)

All tracks written by Ras Higgs Boson & Dr. Mario.

Cover artwork - Seven of Wands from the Dr. Mario Transformation deck.

All respect to Ras Higgs Boson (1947 - 2007) R.I.P.

RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2012
GENRE: Dub, Reggae


(V/A) Ambient Decay

01. Toxic Chicken - Cheese Sandwich 
02. RedSK - Nobeatssoccermomsweatpants 
03. Zero Cool - Retarded Mouth 
04. 00x - ASV (Aforementioned Spiritual Vomit) 
05. Loop Goat - Feel For You 
06. Cursed Chimera - The Midnight Prayer of Dead Gods 
07. Robotic Joe - Confirmation # VS 888 
08. Murder Candace - Violent Revolutionary Interlude 
09. DJ Kaos - Suicide VIP 
10. TalixZen - Basement Soup 
11. Sravana108/The Nothing - Desired Submission 
12. Tooth_Eye - TotalDecadenceDigitalRealityFieldRecording#1 
13. Painguish - Epileptic Psychosis 
14. Sleep Clinic - The Missing 
15. Amitie, Fromage, & Dr. Mario - Conversation320 
16. The First Seed - Can't Do No Harm 
17. Jarvik 7-11 - Going Around, Falling Off 
18. sOuL_sCientiSt - How I Feel Inside

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#15)  

am·bi·ent (adjective) creating a certain reaction or mood, often a subconscious one.

de·cay (noun) a gradual falling into an inferior condition; progressive decline.  

RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2012
GENRE: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Noise


A!iap - Random Sounds That Came Out of My Computer

01. What Kind of Monster Are You
02. Her
03. Foefkes Op E Stokske
04. Happy Happy Fun Time
05. You Whore
06. Nightmares
07. Mistakes 

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#14)

RELEASE DATE: April 30, 2012
GENRE: Breakcore, Jungle


00x - ALBUM

01. Abuse
02. Bitchfit
03. Corrode
04. Deleterious
05. Esoterica
06. FU.287.28790
07. Grappler
08. Hairsuit
09. Insects
10. Jealousy
11. Killborn
12. Like Laughter
13. Maternally
14. Noise
15. Orwell Liver
16. Phenergan
17. Q
18. Rhetoric
19. Sure(Chain)Claim
20. Trickwax
21. Undercook
22. Vitriol
23. Wombats

24. X
25. Yellow
26. Z

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#13)

RELEASE DATE: March 31, 2012
GENRE: Experimental, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Noise  


Sunrise Black Mass - Novitiate (16 Bit Demo)

01. Novitiate (16 Bit Demo)

2012 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#12) 

Sunrise Black Mass is the most recent manifestation of the ongoing South American Beauty Culture experiment. Inspired by the drone metal of Sunn O))), Novitiate was created primarily with guitar tracks - extended feedback, sustained power chords and noises that often go unheard. Tinny textures and Eastern sounding harmonics create a track that is huge yet meditative and restrained. SABC and Sunrise Black Mass plan to focus on manufacturing a full length to be released before the summer 2012.  

RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2012
GENRE: Experimental, Dark Ambient, Drone Metal 


Futant * Dystopia

01. deHumanized  02. Experiment : Unnamed
03. Frequency Wars  04. Patrol the Cities
05. Futility  06. Machine Planet (part 1)
07. Machine Planet (part 2)  08. The Omega Point
09. Total Control  10. Cyberpunk Underworld
11. Digital Renaissance  12. Wasteland
13. Dystopia  14. Transmission Error XI
15. Swarm Intelligence  16. Meltdown  
17. Timewave  18. Psychotronic Re-education
19. Transparent Head  20. Reap
21. Awake Again  22. 126.22 Hz


00x and Lux make up Futant, which has released over a dozen records for free online. Dystopia makes up their latest full length offering and carries an important theme.

GENRE: Cyberpunk, Experimental, Industrial 

Dr. Mario * Hi-Speed Matrix Scrimshaw (For Beginners)

01. Albatross
02. Tree Far Wan Spatial
03. Message From Space
04. Vortex 4
05. Curbjob
06. Riotpigs (Militanz)
07. Deliverance 2012
08. Sonic Boom
09. Normal (Amongst The Monsters)
10. The Ultimate Freedom
11. Wino 
12. Innerzone Dung Beetle (Bonus Track)


We will not wait in your line. Your offerings are meager. Your promises are lies. This operation is a Potemkin village, tarted up to keep the aristocracy amused. I induce vomiting more than a supermodel, and that's just watching the news. I really hope the Mayans were right, and all this foolishness will be behind us in 2012. We R Not 4 U 2 Have. Ever. (Dr. Mario) 

GENRE: Breakcore, Dubstep, Experimental 

sOuL_sCientiSt * (Part Two)

01. Down The Rabbit Hole
02. Godz Lonely Man
03. Tell Her I Said Goodnight
04. Noise In My Heart (ft. Agghra)
05. I Know You're There So Don't Be Sad
06. Gone Soon
07. Still Exist (Reimagine)
08. Genius In Love With His Own Self-Destruction
09. The Last Person On Earth
10. Minute Prologue (SS Permanent Midnight Remix)
11. A Little More Time
12. SS (Outro)


GENRE: Ambient, Experimental, Glitch, IDM, Jungle 

sOuL_sCientiSt * (Part One)

01. SS (Intro)
02. Dead Stray
03. Can I Come Visit With My Pet Ghost
04. The Trampling March of Unconscious Thought
05. A Single Minute
06. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (SS Morning Quiet Remix) Witch House Version
07. littlewhiteflowerz
08. You Are Someone Else
09. Bad Guy Interlude
10. Dayz of Kindness
11. I Know Why The Caged Bird Singz
12. Requiem for the Amerikan Dream
13. To Be There


GENRE: Ambient, Breakcore, Experimental, Glitch, IDM, Jungle, Trip Hop 

00x * 00x

01. Bloat
02. Saccharin
03. Singular
04. Xenophobia
05. Dystopia  


00x arose from the ashes of the deactivated Human 2.0, though they co-existed for awhile during an existential crisis. The multiple personality disorder of Human 2.0 caught up with it, with 00x taking over as the base intelligence and personality behind creative output. Crossed circuits and extensive damage to Human 2.0's overworked synthesizer units resulted in a sharper, more aggressive sound. The transition can be heard from the period where Human 2.0's "Appendage" album and "Final Transmission" were released, with Human 2.0's last words contained therein. 00x should not be considered the same entity as Human 2.0, however, rather an evolution of personality as a result of the devolution of society.

GENRE: Experimental, Industrial 

Icky Mack * Dirty Deedz EP

01. Hyphylike
02. Tigerstripes (ft. Illy G)
03. Hush (ft. Wet Bald Wald)
04. Winta Slaughta
05. Duck Gravy (ft. Illy G & E-Pine)
06. The Black Door (ft. Illy Dreez)
07. Cement (ft. LuciGraw)
08. Thizz Monk (ft. Robin Black)
09. Flavor


Mixed, Mastered, and Edited by Dale Smith in Oakland, California 

GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap 

Sravana108 / The Nothing * I'm Ashamed To Be Human

01. Untitled (Sravana108 vs. Twitch Angels With Filthy Souls Remix)
02. Simple Beauty
03. I'm Well Aware That Our Search Will Never Come To An End
04. My Dubstep Can Beat Up Your Dubstep (Edited Mix)
05. Watch Them Suffer
06. Unicorns, Rainbows, Flowers, and Hugs
07. Something American (Version 2.0)
08. Droid Factory (Update)
09. MadSkillz (2011 ReFix)
10. Harder
11. Vaishnava (Compressing A Long Dead Dream Remix)


GENRE: Ambient, Breakcore, Dubstep, Experimental, Hardcore

South American Beauty Culture * My Record Player Doesn't Work

01. A Good Selection II
02. My Record Player Doesn't Work
03. All The Animals
04. The Mayans Invented Television


In addition to voices from the two films, I sampled music from Sex Mob, Miles Davis, Guiseppe Verdi and Bernard Hermann's "Taxi Driver" soundtrack.  However, live instrumentation is present throughout the EP such as the heavy use of ethereal single note guitar on "A Good Selection II" as well as the piano and bass line in "The Mayans Invented Television." The final result is an introspective selection of songs united by a strong sense of psychedelia and an inability to fit into well defined stylistic categories.

GENRE: Broken Beat, Nu Jazz 

(V/A) Altered Statez

01. Nebulist * Still Remainz (Remix)
02. A!iap * Magic Tree
03. Agghra * Befriend A Razor Blade
04. Tea & Grief * Bitterant
05. Linx of Red Oktober * Rise
06. Doctor Mario * Freebasing 100% Pure Charlie Sheen
07. dOOMED.sLACKER * Subconcious Revolutionar.y
08. PierrotheMoon * Wisdom's in the Trees
09. Matheus * Hood to Anuva
10. Poltergiest in the Microchip * Bad Guy Interlude
11. Moth Equals * Daydreaming
12. Schedule Six * Tarantula
13. Andy Dime * Fall Silently
14. OhMega Sir * Collective Coma (Turn Up The Sub Mix)
15. South American Beauty Culture * Let's Go!
16. Seiswork * Absurde XIV
17. Ghostlaw * Dead Happy
18. Rudi Ragga * Rough Sound
19. sOuL_sCientiSt * Follow Me Down        


"We all live with it. That unbearable terror is what makes us such singular creatures. We hide from it, we succumb to it, mostly we defy it! We build fragile little structures to keep it out. We love, we raise families, we work, we make friends. We write poems..."

GENRE: Breakcore, Broken Beat, Compilation, Drum And Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Jungle, Nu Jazz, Trip Hop

sOuL_sCientiSt * remiXed_sOuL

01. You Are My Sunshine (Dissociation)
02. Memoriez (Blackout)
03. Fucked (Insomniac nOd)
04. First Time Ever I Saw Yr Face (Morning Quiet)
05. I Swear (BabylonDestruction)
06. Miracle (Dirt and Rainbowz)


GENRE: Hip Hop, Trip Hop

sOuL_sCientiSt * BabylonDestruction miXtape

01. I Swear (BabylonDestruction Remix)
02. The Corner
03. Wordz From The Frontline
04. Cold As Ice (Beef) Free At Last Mix
05. Memoriez (Blackout Remix)
06. Amerikan Nightmare


The debut release on cOmaWrek by the founder and resident mad scientist.

GENRE: Hip Hop, Mashup