Noistruct - The Wreckening

01. Doubting Myself
02. Retributer
03. Paracosm
04. Scabies
05. Get Them Far Away
06. Break the Fakes
07. Grief
08. Walk Away Clean
09. Scenicide
10. Decommissioned

2020 Coma Recordz (CR118) 

Old School Australian breakcore producer Noistruct returns to Coma Recordz for the first release for the label since 2014's "The Circle of Hesitation" EP.

"The Wreckening" is a collection of uncompromising, abrasive, distorted, noisy hardcore breakcore and classic dark IDM with the Noistruct trademark of self referential themes and expression. 

Cutting back on oversynthing, oversampling and overmastering and moving away from the more structured, modern dancefloor, predictable amen mashup sound and back towards the "beats to the front" heavier, abstract drum chaos of old.

Reese bass, drops, fills and heavy pads were left out in order to strip back the tracks to a raw, more minimal approach that allows the breaks to be the main focus and brings back the method in which breakcore restructured, subverted and abused the very basics of dance music to it's own definition. 

Influenced by the minimal, distorted, overdriven powernoise, breakcore and experimental dark n' heavy IDM and drill n bass of the late 90s and early 2000s. Taking inspiration from classic producers such as Eradicator, Converter, Gescom, Baraki, Needle Sharing, Paul Snowden, Boards Of Canada, Hyperdriver, DJ Rabies, Cex, Bomb20 and Stunt Rock as well as the new school of original dark and heavy breakcore warriors like Erohypnos, Krobatt, Scott Dryman, Shitlip, 3 Past 3 and Etdevagina.

The result is ten tracks that push the noise intensity and tolerance of the listener and reawaken the invigoration and exhiliration of the original breakcore movement of the 20th and early 21st Century. Back when it was a ruthless and formidable opponent of the drug apathy and commercialised mundanity of the quickly tiring worldwide dance music scene.
Somewhere we ironically find ourselves again in the early 20s in the post-EDM disillusionment of DJ superstar culture and Social Media dominance.

Two years in the making. It is probably the last "purely DAW digitally produced" Noistruct release. A final cry of resistance against the generic "banger" hungry, gear obsessed, candy rave emulating, like chasing, pop-core panderers from the era of hopeful and unique, anarchist laptop renegades and mercilessly confrontational, portable noise terrorists.

All tracks produced by Boris Otterdam between January and March 2020 at EN20 Studios Rockingham Western Australia. Except "Break The Fakes" produced on a Coach Bus between Brisbane and Surfer's Paradise Queensland Australia in January 2020 and "Decommissioned" produced at a Boarding House in Laverton Melbourne Victoria Australia in June 2013. Cover design by Boris Otterdam. Cover Photograph and Model - Anna Philthy.

This album is dedicated to Ryan Mitchell Gent (RIP). 

RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020
GENRE: Breakcore, IDM 


D.E.A.D.S.K.I.N - Cult of the Skull

01. Do Not Speak (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Blackslider)
02. Dead Leadership (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
03. Countdown to Execution (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
04. Darkness Rises (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
05. Cult of the Skull (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
06. Grand Slithering (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
07. Chaos - (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
08. One of Plague (feat. Slave Unit)
09. The Great Satan (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
10. Death Disco Anthem (feat. Electric Breathing)
11. Synthetic (feat. Brom-35)
12. New Kill Order (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
13. Super Soldier (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
14. Prey for All (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
15. Thrashotronic (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Scorpion Frequency)
16. Fear Factory (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
17. Data Acquisition (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Scorpion Frequency)
18. Age of Hell (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
19. Systematic (feat. NoizeFloor)
20. Angel of Confusion (feat. Dead Beat Project)
21. Powerslave (feat. Scorpion Frequency)

2020 Coma Recordz (CR117) 

Cult of the Skull is an ultra aggressive, venom fueled ride straight into the blackest heart of darkness. This release is the perfect mixture of industrial mayhem combined with an all out thrash metal assault on the senses. The album's theme revolves around the shadow government's highly classified black project designed to dehumanize soldiers and turn them into heartless killing machines without a soul.

All tracks produced and mastered by Justin Lefebvre, in association with the Global Extreme Metal Network.

Featuring the following artists: Cyborg Kommando, Blackslider, Scorpion Frequency, Slave Unit, Electric Breathing, Brom-35, NoizeFloor, Dead Beat Project. 

RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2020
GENRE: Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal


Humanfobia - Gothic Necropolis

01. Estas Muerto
02. Colapso Dimensional II
03. Sangre Podrida
04. Noche Solitaria (with The Adverse Event)
05. Fantasma en la Carretera (Dance Version)
06. Puerta al más Allá (with The Adverse Event)
07. Vacío Hermético
08. Yūrei (with Cyanbaal)
09. Genoma Larvae
10. Mantidianos (with MotionX)
11. Psycho Pills
12. Online Weird People (with JackCote)
13. Obscure Spaces (with WÜST)
14. Parálisis del Sueño (with RAZORRHEAD)

2020 Coma Recordz (CR116)

Humanfobia is a dark electronic, ghostly musical duo hailing from Rancagua, Chile. Members include Sábila Orbe & Mist Spectra. 

Gothic Necropolis is a collection of tracks ranging from the years 2018 & 2019 and include collaborations with The Adverse Event, Cyanbaal, MotionX, JackCote, WÜST, RAZORRHEAD.

This is a co-release with Cian Orbe Netlabel.

RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2020
GENRE: Dark Electronic, Industrial, Witch House