Futant - TransHuman

01. Already Cyborg
02. Artificial Selection
03. Liberation of the Brainwashed Mind
04. Identity Crisis
05. Ones and Zeros
06. Transcendence
07. Digital Immortality
08. TransHuman

2019 Coma Recordz (CR112)

Transhumanism is an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

The theory of a "FUTANT," (combining the words "Future," and "Mutant") was propagated by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe those who have genetically activated thought patterns designed to facilitate the future.

Futant = Luxe Futura & F. Tyler.

Copyright 2019
The Futant Collective 

RELEASE DATE: November 27, 2019
GENRE: Experimental, Dark Electronic, Industrial 


Daisy Mortem - Compilation 2018 - 2019

01. L'Accident est inévitable
02. Arêtes
03. Coma (FT. Glitchgirl)
04. Paroles (Pogo Car Crash Control Cover)
05. Necrophilie' (FT. Signor Benedick the Moor)
06. Arêtes (Glitchgirl Remix)
07. Arêtes (Hooded Leaders Remix)
08. Arêtes (Vorace Remix)
09. Arêtes (Signor Benedick the Moor Remix)

2019 Coma Recordz (CR111)

Daisy Mortem is a French avant-garde pop dark electronic duo. This exclusive compilation compiles some of the songs they've recently released and also contains rare covers, collaborations and remixes.

The band is well known for their outrageous and over the top live performances and have played alongside of bands like Ic3peak, The Garden, Les Trucs, Infecticide, and Boy Harsher.

RELEASE DATE: August 6, 2019
GENRE: Avant Pop, Dark Wave, Industrial


DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R - Kill 'M All

01. Out of Ammo (R U Ready?) 
02. Overture (Extremum Dei Judicium)
03. Fear of a Global Funeral
04. Disco Strikes Back
05. Dancefloor Dominator
06. 666 Morbid Godz
07. Meet the Beast
08. Kill 'M All
09. Death is Coming Str8 2 You
10. Rise from the Grave
11. Retro Darkness
12. A New Hell Upon Us

2019 Coma Recordz (CR110)

The demonic R3V3R3ND once again rises from the cold heart of the rave grave to deliver a dark, operatic metal mashup amalgamation of thrashtronic destruction! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

(c) Justin Lefebvre, Global Extreme Metal Network

RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2019
GENRE: Mashup, Metal, Thrashtronica

Helaku - Son of a Breakbeat

01. Cylon Sun
02. 174-Melodisimpii_Junkkii
03. Bass Junglement
04. Looney Song
05. Junkkaa Jupiterista
06. Industrial Acid Factory
07. EDM Techno Jazz Factory with Happy Workers
08. Making That Beat Drop
09. Circus Sirius
10. Beamy Acid
11. Approaching Nirvana
12. Transformercid
13. Cylon vs. Predator
14. Son of a Breakbeat
15. Microphone Wreck

2019 Coma Recordz (CR109)

ComaWrek's resident electronic alien returns home from parts unknown to bless the pineal masses with Son of a Breakbeat. Open up yr mind to the positive energy.

RELEASE DATE: January 23, 2019
GENRE: Acid, Breakbeat, IDM, Jungle


DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R - Exhortations (In the Key of the Double P)

01. Locked in the Trunk 
02. Return of the Rapp
03. Lights Camera Action
04. Bite Farts
05. Messin' Around
06. Breakfast for Lunch
07. Out of Touch
08. The Way You Want
09. Soul Upon Shoes
10. Dancing on Dares
11. Rapp Flow
12. Stay Woke
13. Watergate
14. A Little Problem
15. Now I'm Rollin'
16. Keep Going On
17. Bloody Sheets
18. Banned for Life
19. Back from Hiatus
20. Puttin' in Work

2018 Coma Recordz (CR108)

Produced by Anno Domini Nation
Mixed by Mr.Morder
Instrumentals by DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R
Distributed by Ditto Music
(C) 2018 Justin Lefebvre & Anno Domini Nation

Featuring the following artists; DJ 2def, Mr.Stabby, Mr.Morder, King Keemo, Mr.Siso, The Harmony Society, Jay Omerta, Dynamic, Kinky Bitch, Frankz Wit A Z

RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2018
GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap 


Batard Tronique - Old Works (2008 - 2013)

01. Matinée (Morning)
02. Sweet
03. Eden
04. No Fear
05. Parasite
06. Freedom for Roswell
07. Katr'lett
08. Trois Vies (Three Life)
09. Tenebres (Darkness)
10. Techno Furya
11. Démence Controlée (Controlled Dementia)
12. Basse Frequence (Low Frequencies)
13. Classik
14. Suburban Victory
15. Troniquetendo
16. Terror Haka
17. Porn of the Undead
18. Bad Trip
19. Guerriers De L'Indus (Indus Warriors)
20. Les Passeurs De Mort (The Death Smugglers)
21. Drunken Drums
22. Thermophyle
23. Solarium Theme
24. Sucette Breakcore (Breakcore Candy)
25. Jeune Pucelle (Young Virgin Girl)
26. L'Oiseau De Nuit (Night Bird)
27. Ketchup Fuck Up 

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR107)

Old Works is an extensive collection of tracks that were created by the gypsycore king and Paris Zombie Netlabel founder. The tracks span the years from 2008 to 2013. This compilation showcases the earlier works from the prolific artist and highlights his musical growth throughout the years. 

RELEASE DATE: May 11, 2018
GENRE: Ambient, Breakcore  


Helaku - Some Form of Spontaneous Generation

01. The Thing That is Inside Your Self
02. Some Form of Spontaneous Generation
03. Year 2153
04. Money, Honey, Don't be Funny
05. Dat Muthafckn Real
06. Welcome to Beyond Time
07. Coredrum Ft. Sirius Orchestra
08. Alien Owl
09. Journey Through the Wormhole
10. Unexplored by Mankind
11. How You Can Breakbeat Your Problems

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR106)

The electronic shaman returns from a distant galaxy far away to deliver some form of spontaneous generation. All hail the breakcore time lord!

Cover artwork by IPC (ipaintcreatures).

RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2018
GENRE: Breakcore, Drum and Bass, Jungle


Daisy Mortem - La Vie c'est Mort

01. L'amour, le SIDA
02. Distance Horizontale
03. Roulette Russe
04. La Vie c'est Mort
05. Le Grand Espace

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR105)

Written, produced and mixed by Daisy Mortem.
Additional programming on "Horizontal Distance" by Pakun Jaran.
Mastering by Stazma the Junglechrist.
Fashion and graphic design by Charlotte Pouyaud.
Photography by Jacques Pouyaud.

Daisy Mortem is the soundtrack of an erotic dream ending in an assassination in an obscure nightclub.

The band hails out of Bordeaux, France and has played with such diverse artists as The Garden, Infecticide, Prince Harry, Princess Napalm, 10,000 Rusos, Lovataraxx, Curta, Dalla$, Angle Dead and Flashing, Ulrich, Guili Guili Gulag. 

This is a co-release with WE ARE VICIOUS.

RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2018
GENRE: Post Wave, Punk Dance 


King Spooky Pickles - Destruction of the Anti-Pickle

01. Jam Session
02. Breakshit Crazy
03. Brain Matter
04. Ghost Sounds
05. Another Fucking Breakcore Disaster
07. Le Piano Medley
08. Broken Symphony

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR104)

KSP is a young, up-and-coming breakcore producer and DJ from Maine. He is the founder & owner of the MelonPup Collective. He currently resides deep inside his secret sanctuary called "The Pickle Fortress". The King's visceral and demented style of breakcore will lead you straight into the eye of the storm and you'll love every fucking minute of it. This is also his first official netlabel album release. 

Cover artwork by Ras Edward.

RELEASE DATE: January 25, 2018
GENRE: Breakcore, IDM 


Futant - Cyberpunk

01. Distorted Synapses
02. Artificially Intelligent 
03. WetWare
04. Fatal Exception
05. Procedure Complete
06. Artificially Intelligent (Futura Video Mix)
07. Timothy Leary's Cyberdelic Experience Documentary

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR103) 

"A CYBERPUNK is a person who takes navigational control over the cybernetic and electronic equipment and uses it, not for the Army and not for the Government and not for the Lufthansa Airlines, but for his or her OWN PURPOSES." (Dr. Timothy Leary)

The theory of a "FUTANT," (combining the words "Future," and "Mutant") was propagated by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe those who have genetically activated thought patterns designed to facilitate the future.

Futant = Luxe Futura & F. Tyler.

RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2018
GENRE: Dark Electronic, Industrial