Brain Influenza - The Forgotten Ones (2000 - 2010)

01. Es Wartet In Der Dunkelheit II
02. Left in Agony
03. The Desert Inside
04. Where Are You?
05. Time Heals Nothing
06. Last Silence
07. Ein Kleines Bittgebet
08. The Abyss
09. Wintertag
10. Suicide Dreams (Part 1)
11. Seebestattung
12. Heldengrab
13. SIDS
14. Owner of Nothing
15. Hope is Fading Away
16. The Gift II
17. Voices of the Dead
18. Frozen Soul
19. Seelengrab II
20. Morbus Todeswunsch

2019 Coma Recordz (CR114) 

The ComaWrek asylum closes out 2019 and bids farewell to the end of the decade by proudly presenting this monolithically dark industrial opus by the one man musical mastermind that is Brain Influenza. This starkly beautiful collection consists of ten years' worth of previously unreleased gems from the underground archive.

Cover artwork by Ras Edward.

RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2019
GENRE: Dark Ambient, Dark Electronic, Industrial 


DJ R3V3R3ND MURD3R - Exhortations (After Dark)

01. Just For a Bit (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder)
02. Lobotomy (Jay Omerta, H3vy Stu)
03. I'm Good (Jay Omerta)
04. Meniscus Anthem (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder)
05. Sick Fuck (Jay Omerta, Mista Mead, Mr.Morder, Vicious 5150)
06. Still Ill Speaking (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder, Vicious 5150)
07. Necessity (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder)
08. Facts (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder, Vicious 5150)
09. Live to Spit (Jay Omerta, Mista Mead, Mr.Morder)
10. On My Sleeve (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder)
11. BushX (Jay Omerta, Mista Mead, Mr.Morder, Mr.Stabby, DJ 2Def)
12. Hate My Guts (Jay Omerta, Mista Mead, H3vy Stu)
13. What Happened (Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder, Mista Mead)
14. Which Way (Jay Omerta, H3vy Stu)

2019 Coma Recordz (CR113) 

The Devil's favorite demonic R3V3R3ND and his caustic cohorts return with the second installment to the Exhortations horrorcore saga. Welcome to the rancid underbelly of permanent midnight, where drug abuse, violent psychosis, psychological horror and macabre mental illness run rampant. You are now entering the nightmare factory!   

Featuring the SICK & DEMENTED minds of Jay Omerta, Mr.Morder, H3vy Stu, Vicious 5150, Mr.Stabby, DJ2def, Mista Mead. 

RELEASE DATE: December 17, 2019
GENRE: Death Rap, Hip Hop, Horrorcore