The Martyr (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

01. Burn This (Intro)
02. The Martyr
03. Angels & Demons Ft. Dead Prez & Bazaar Royale
04. Rich Mans World (1%)
05. Toast to the Dead
06. Eyes in the Sky Ft. Mojo of Dujeous
07. Goonies Never Die Ft. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez
08. Running Nowhere (Interlude)
09. Natural Beauty Ft. Mela Machinko
10. Civil War Ft. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D
11. Mark of the Beast Ft. Akir & Beast 1333
12. Black Viking Ft. Styles P, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen
13. Conquerors (with Dr. John Henrik Clarke)
14. Young Lordz Ft. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF & Panama Alba
15. Ultimas Palabras
16. Sign Of The Times Ft. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel West

2014 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#55)

"This is Immortal Technique from Harlem, New York and all over the world. This is The Martyr. If you are listening to this, it is your responsibility to burn this for every single motherfucker you know."

Immortal Technique (Felipe Coronel) is a hip hop revolutionary. Born in Peru, he immigrated to Harlem, NY and eventually ended up in prison. He left with a new focus on music. His aggressive style gained him instant notoriety as a battle rapper, and his first album was a word-of-mouth sensation. Unwilling to change his message for the mainstream, he remained completely independent. His subsequent projects have permanently found their way into the hearts and minds of truth seekers worldwide.  

RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2014
GENRE: Chopped & Screwed, Hip Hop, Rap