J.A.H. Tolkien - Unicron vs. Soundwave (Inna N.S.A. Privacy Invasion Dubclash)

01. Unicron Corporation Hostile Takeover Dub
02. N.S.A. Prisoner Privacy Invasion Dub
03. Fun With Tehluveejahns #1
04. Black Car Pickup Dub
05. Laser Guided Drone Attack Dub
06. Fun With Tehluveejahns #2
07. Hey Little Girl Dub
08. Laserbreak Surveillance Report Dub
09. Fun With Tehluveejahns #3
10. Falling From Heaven Dub
11. Exodus to Cybertron Dub
12. Black Car Re-Pickup (Nkogliaz Remix) 

2014 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#71)

I don't usually write reggae music. The times I do, seem to coincide with times of great unrest, or cultural waste. I think it's fair to say we are neck deep in both. This album has more to do with corporate masterhood, than anything else. We are bought. Paid for. Sold. The end. Unicron, the big, planet devourer from the 1986 Transformers movie, was the perfect model for me to use as a symbol of corporate greed. It consumes. That's all it does. Soundwave, was a perfect metaphor for the rampant spying, we inflict on not only us, but the entire world. Pretty sad. It's all done by remote control, with the blessings of our corporate masters. This is the world we need to fix. It's a whole bunch of wrong, and you KNOW it. I don't mind people trying to sell me something, more effectively, but I do mind when that stuff shows up in court, as evidence. We are very close to what 'Minority Report', by Phillip K. Dick, was trying to warn us against.

Reggae music is a blessed thing. It has a soul. It's gonna tell you about the garbage headed your way. That's kind of how this all came about. My collaborator, Ras Higgs Boson OD'd on heroin, a long time ago, but his teachings remain. These are sort of memorial tracks to who he was, and all the dangerous things he believed were in store for us. He was right.

Bottom line: We can ALL do better as a species. We aren't doing a particularly good job of that, most simplest of things, and it hurts. 

Try harder. Clicking "Like" on Facebook isn't gonna do it. Become involved, for real, and make a better world. It is not beyond your power.

RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2014
GENRE: Dub, Reggae