CRN:66116 - Process Revival

01. Intro: Release The Fiend!
02. Ritual Trauma Conditioning (First Session)
03. Remotely Induced Psychosis
04. Excerpt From Group Initiation Ceremony
05. Sensory Deprivation Ritual 

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#42)

This release features five tracks of ritual drone, blackened noise and harsh dark ambient soundscapes, the perfect soundtrack to a mental breakdown.

All tracks De-Programmed & Re-Constructed from recovered memories by Criminal Registration Number 66116 at a clandestine location somewhere in the city of Brisbane, Australia. 2013 All Rites Observed.

Artwork by Sean-O-Cide. 

This is a co-release with Legs Akimbo Records.  

RELEASE DATE: October 17, 2013
GENRE: Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise