Mherdad - Mherdad

01. I've Got A Rag
02. Lex²
03. Chlomosexual Marriage
04. Spookmaster
05. Goron Frozen Yogurt Quest
06. Hypochondriasis 

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#40) 

Much thanks goes out to Jenn for putting up with my rags, Ras for the support and for releasing this rag, Chris and Low Viz for giving me places to play, Catdog, Qixoni, Albert, Zach Kirby, Neck First for being band bros, Brokecore John for starting this horrible mess all those years ago, Jason for the sick mastering, and to anyone who downloaded my music, watched me play or said kind things, THANK YOU!!!!!  

All songs produced and mixed by Mherdad.
Mastered by Jason Goodrich, aka Technicolor Yawn.
Artwork by Jenn Feher.

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2013
GENRE: Breakcore, Jungle