Nebulist - Bootleg Romance

01. Leftfield - Swords (Nebulist Remix)
02. Whitenoise Ft. Emily Thomas (Nebulist Remix)
03. Lamb - Strong The Root (Nebulist Remix)
04. Turn It Around Ft. Alena (Nebulist Remix)
05. See The Sun Ft. Zippora (Nebulist Remix)
06. Major Lazer Ft. Amber - Get Free (Nebulist Remix)
07. The Temptations - I'm Losing You (Nebulist & Ghost Puncher Remix)
08. Walk With Me Ft. Christen Kwame (Nebulist Remix)
09. Mr. Mister - Take These Broken Broken Wings (Nebulist Remix)
10. QBig - Sleepless (Nebulist Remix)
11. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Nebulist Remix)
12. The XX - Shelter (Nebulist Remix)
13. Holding Back The Years Ft. Erin Bode (Nebulist Remix) 

2014 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#68)

All tracks remixed, produced & mastered by Nebulist for entertainment purposes only. All copyright belongs to the prospective artists.  

RELEASE DATE: April 24, 2014
GENRE: Bassline, Drum and Bass, Future Dub, IDM