Beyond The Borders - Happy Hardcore New Year

01. Yabeda - Meshochek Cementa (Little Bag of Sand BTB Remix)
02. Operation Ivy - Sound System (BTB Remix)
03. Distemper - Ha-Ha-Ha (Na-na-na BTB Remix)
04. La Rocca is on Fire (MegaMix 2009 Remaster)
05. La Playa is on Faya (xSexOnTheBeachxMiXXX 2013)
06. Cock is on Fire (STD-Mashup 2015)

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR101)  

2018 marks the 13th year of existence for Beyond The Borders and in honor of lucky number 13, BTB has prepared this very special release for yr listening pleasure. It's also a great way to welcome in the new year - PUNK RAVE-O-LUTION style! Happy hardcore new year everybody!

In 2009/2010 BTB made his first experimental dance track called "Tutty Frutty Dumpsterdive". It was partly cover, partly remix, partly joke in response to the G√ľnther & The Sunshine Girls song "Tutti Frutti Summer Love". That song was and still is a hit song in the BTB arsenal. To this day some people still have the song on their playlists and you can see them bouncing to the 4/4 beat at the live shows. During the last few years BTB has continued to experiment in the same direction and has produced an entire live set of happy hardcore remix tracks based on some of the best punk and hardcore songs from artists from around the world. With this release, BTB has chosen his top three happy hardcore remix tracks and recorded them for everyone's listening pleasure. And now, ladies and gentlemen, b-boyz and b-grrlz I give to you a token of appreciation from Beyond The Borders. It's now officially time to dance like there's nobody watching!

This is a co-release with Annoying Beatz Crew, Splatterkore Reck-ords, Sick Broken Brothers Records, Suck Puck Recordz, Blank Not Label, Rainbow Diving Butterflies, J.W. Records.

RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2018 
GENRE: Happy Hardcore, Mashup