Futant - Cyberpunk

01. Distorted Synapses
02. Artificially Intelligent 
03. WetWare
04. Fatal Exception
05. Procedure Complete
06. Artificially Intelligent (Futura Video Mix)
07. Timothy Leary's Cyberdelic Experience Documentary

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR103) 

"A CYBERPUNK is a person who takes navigational control over the cybernetic and electronic equipment and uses it, not for the Army and not for the Government and not for the Lufthansa Airlines, but for his or her OWN PURPOSES." (Dr. Timothy Leary)

The theory of a "FUTANT," (combining the words "Future," and "Mutant") was propagated by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe those who have genetically activated thought patterns designed to facilitate the future.

Futant = Luxe Futura & F. Tyler.

RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2018
GENRE: Dark Electronic, Industrial