D.E.A.D.S.K.I.N - Cult of the Skull

01. Do Not Speak (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Blackslider)
02. Dead Leadership (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
03. Countdown to Execution (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
04. Darkness Rises (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
05. Cult of the Skull (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
06. Grand Slithering (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
07. Chaos - (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
08. One of Plague (feat. Slave Unit)
09. The Great Satan (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
10. Death Disco Anthem (feat. Electric Breathing)
11. Synthetic (feat. Brom-35)
12. New Kill Order (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
13. Super Soldier (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
14. Prey for All (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
15. Thrashotronic (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Scorpion Frequency)
16. Fear Factory (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
17. Data Acquisition (feat. Cyborg Kommando & Scorpion Frequency)
18. Age of Hell (feat. Scorpion Frequency)
19. Systematic (feat. NoizeFloor)
20. Angel of Confusion (feat. Dead Beat Project)
21. Powerslave (feat. Scorpion Frequency)

2020 Coma Recordz (CR117) 

Cult of the Skull is an ultra aggressive, venom fueled ride straight into the blackest heart of darkness. This release is the perfect mixture of industrial mayhem combined with an all out thrash metal assault on the senses. The album's theme revolves around the shadow government's highly classified black project designed to dehumanize soldiers and turn them into heartless killing machines without a soul.

All tracks produced and mastered by Justin Lefebvre, in association with the Global Extreme Metal Network.

Featuring the following artists: Cyborg Kommando, Blackslider, Scorpion Frequency, Slave Unit, Electric Breathing, Brom-35, NoizeFloor, Dead Beat Project. 

RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2020
GENRE: Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal