Crivellator - Nevrosia

01. Rip Those Piercings off Your Face
02. Splattercoded
03. Abort Retry Fail
04. Ravaged Pointer Array
05. I Corrupted the Bootloader
06. Only Root Access Grants Permission to Love
07. Root of all Evil
08. Is Now Safe to Turn off Your Life
09. Annoying as Usual 

2020 Coma Recordz (CR120) 

The diabolical force known as Nevrosia has been unleashed upon a quarantined world to inflict a mutated and distorted blend of breakcore contagion. This album represents an audio pandemic of terror. Breathe deeply and descend.

Crivellator hails from Latina, Italy and is the founder of the Musica Bella netlabel. 

Cover artwork by SEKI.

DISCLAIMER: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

RELEASE DATE: April 21, 2020
GENRE: Breakcore, IDM