Brain Influenza - Schwarz (Just Another Suicide Soundtrack)

01. A Cold Place
02. Schwarz
03. Nothing to Live For (feat. Kyle Michael Porter)
04. Abgrund (feat. Susanne)
05. The Reckoning
06. antiHoffnung
07. Out of Order (feat. Ron Lipke)
08. ratTRAP (Living in a Cage)
09. endZeit
10. Unheard Prayer
11. Black (feat. Ron Lipke)
12. Coffin of Love
13. freiTod
14. Nothing 2 Live For (feat. Zoe Gillespie)
15. Abschied
16. lebensLicht

2020 Coma Recordz (CR122) 

The underground critically acclaimed German industrial doom merchant returns from a five year hiatus to deliver the follow-up album to 2015's Healing Hands release. The album is a monument of fragile beauty, a testament of irreversible darkness, a gospel written by ghosts proclaiming the ultimate finality of life. In the end - everything goes back to black.

A special thanks goes out to Zoe Gillespie, Susanne, Ron Lipke, and Kyle Michael Porter for their collaboration on the album. 

RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2020
GENRE: Dark Ambient, Dark Electronic, Industrial