00x * 00x

01. Bloat
02. Saccharin
03. Singular
04. Xenophobia
05. Dystopia  


00x arose from the ashes of the deactivated Human 2.0, though they co-existed for awhile during an existential crisis. The multiple personality disorder of Human 2.0 caught up with it, with 00x taking over as the base intelligence and personality behind creative output. Crossed circuits and extensive damage to Human 2.0's overworked synthesizer units resulted in a sharper, more aggressive sound. The transition can be heard from the period where Human 2.0's "Appendage" album and "Final Transmission" were released, with Human 2.0's last words contained therein. 00x should not be considered the same entity as Human 2.0, however, rather an evolution of personality as a result of the devolution of society.

GENRE: Experimental, Industrial