Dr. Mario * Hi-Speed Matrix Scrimshaw (For Beginners)

01. Albatross
02. Tree Far Wan Spatial
03. Message From Space
04. Vortex 4
05. Curbjob
06. Riotpigs (Militanz)
07. Deliverance 2012
08. Sonic Boom
09. Normal (Amongst The Monsters)
10. The Ultimate Freedom
11. Wino 
12. Innerzone Dung Beetle (Bonus Track)


We will not wait in your line. Your offerings are meager. Your promises are lies. This operation is a Potemkin village, tarted up to keep the aristocracy amused. I induce vomiting more than a supermodel, and that's just watching the news. I really hope the Mayans were right, and all this foolishness will be behind us in 2012. We R Not 4 U 2 Have. Ever. (Dr. Mario) 

GENRE: Breakcore, Dubstep, Experimental