Technicolor Yawn - Sores Material

01. Full Logic
02. Dystopian Future
03. Stagger
04. Cellphone Tumor

2013 cOmaRecOrdz (CR#50) 

Syphilis Sauna, aka Patrick Urn, is at the heart of the genre called "Trashtronica", born from the hatred of man and dark recording arts, built from questionable media content and 8 bit audio diarrhea splurts generated by tar smeared gear, hacked software and Jeskola Buzz, which culminates some very raw, jagged glitch scapes and scraping metal breaks, to form a cracked out hybrid of noise, ambient and IDM.

In the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of making 4 remixes for various Syphilis Sauna releases, using only the raw song data that Patrick had provided to me. I have cut and reshaped those wavs into my own tracks, now available all together in this free remastered 24 bit EP.  

RELEASE DATE: December 21, 2013
GENRE: Glitch, IDM