King Spooky Pickles - Destruction of the Anti-Pickle

01. Jam Session
02. Breakshit Crazy
03. Brain Matter
04. Ghost Sounds
05. Another Fucking Breakcore Disaster
07. Le Piano Medley
08. Broken Symphony

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR104)

KSP is a young, up-and-coming breakcore producer and DJ from Maine. He is the founder & owner of the MelonPup Collective. He currently resides deep inside his secret sanctuary called "The Pickle Fortress". The King's visceral and demented style of breakcore will lead you straight into the eye of the storm and you'll love every fucking minute of it. This is also his first official netlabel album release. 

Cover artwork by Ras Edward.

RELEASE DATE: January 25, 2018
GENRE: Breakcore, IDM 


Futant - Cyberpunk

01. Distorted Synapses
02. Artificially Intelligent 
03. WetWare
04. Fatal Exception
05. Procedure Complete
06. Artificially Intelligent (Futura Video Mix)
07. Timothy Leary's Cyberdelic Experience Documentary

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR103) 

"A CYBERPUNK is a person who takes navigational control over the cybernetic and electronic equipment and uses it, not for the Army and not for the Government and not for the Lufthansa Airlines, but for his or her OWN PURPOSES." (Dr. Timothy Leary)

The theory of a "FUTANT," (combining the words "Future," and "Mutant") was propagated by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe those who have genetically activated thought patterns designed to facilitate the future.

Futant = Luxe Futura & F. Tyler.

RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2018
GENRE: Dark Electronic, Industrial


Slawowycz - Soundforge

01. Harage
02. No More Trap
03. Low Rider (2°18 Remix)
04. Headphones Spasms Orgy
05. Cover Me I Reload
06. Bonnes Résolutions 2018
07. Wild For La Night

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR102) 

French-Ukrainian rapper/producer Slawowycz returns to the cOmaWrek asylum, bringing with him a razor sharp release of instrumental soundscapes forged straight from the heart of the gutter.

This is a co-release with Paris Zombie Netlabel.

RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2018
GENRE: Hip Hop, Trap


Beyond The Borders - Happy Hardcore New Year

01. Yabeda - Meshochek Cementa (Little Bag of Sand BTB Remix)
02. Operation Ivy - Sound System (BTB Remix)
03. Distemper - Ha-Ha-Ha (Na-na-na BTB Remix)
04. La Rocca is on Fire (MegaMix 2009 Remaster)
05. La Playa is on Faya (xSexOnTheBeachxMiXXX 2013)
06. Cock is on Fire (STD-Mashup 2015)

2018 cOmaRecOrdz (CR101)  

2018 marks the 13th year of existence for Beyond The Borders and in honor of lucky number 13, BTB has prepared this very special release for yr listening pleasure. It's also a great way to welcome in the new year - PUNK RAVE-O-LUTION style! Happy hardcore new year everybody!

In 2009/2010 BTB made his first experimental dance track called "Tutty Frutty Dumpsterdive". It was partly cover, partly remix, partly joke in response to the G√ľnther & The Sunshine Girls song "Tutti Frutti Summer Love". That song was and still is a hit song in the BTB arsenal. To this day some people still have the song on their playlists and you can see them bouncing to the 4/4 beat at the live shows. During the last few years BTB has continued to experiment in the same direction and has produced an entire live set of happy hardcore remix tracks based on some of the best punk and hardcore songs from artists from around the world. With this release, BTB has chosen his top three happy hardcore remix tracks and recorded them for everyone's listening pleasure. And now, ladies and gentlemen, b-boyz and b-grrlz I give to you a token of appreciation from Beyond The Borders. It's now officially time to dance like there's nobody watching!

This is a co-release with Annoying Beatz Crew, Splatterkore Reck-ords, Sick Broken Brothers Records, Suck Puck Recordz, Blank Not Label, Rainbow Diving Butterflies, J.W. Records.

RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2018 
GENRE: Happy Hardcore, Mashup


(V/A) Coma Wrek 100

01. Brain Influenza - Coma Recordz
02. Pakun Jaran - Mukta
03. Isserley - Deep Throat
04. DALLA$ - Salem Village
05. Doctor Mario - Kylo Ren
06. Helaku - The Anonymous Hacker Attack
07. Producer Snafu - The Adventures of Sid
08. Psykoxxx - Emile Louis
09. Matt Bleak - Last Day In Richmond
10. SAFOH & Cat Speakerlove - Girls Love Breakcore
11. redHat - Kruger
12. Tooth_Eye - Sheperd's Pie Is Lamb Pussy Dawgggg
13. Production Unit Xero - Love And Hate
14. The Sound Of The Fox - 7flp
15. Noistruct - Murderwife
16. Beyond The Borders - Showdem
17. King Spooky Pickles - The Bells Get Fucked
18. Duke Juke & Bethas - Soul Evaporation
19. Coakira - Acid Coke
20. Batard Tronique - Kill The Dance Music (Extratone's Revenge)
21. sOuL_sCientiSt - Nameless Thingz With No Memory
22. South American Beauty Culture - Drama At The Sub Clinic

2017 cOmaRecOrdz (CR100) 

In celebration of the label's 100th release and our return to the netlabel underworld, we proudly present to you this twenty-two track compilation album packed full of musical mayhem. We sincerely hope the worldwide Coma Wrek family enjoys our twisted little gift to you. And by the way, 2017, GO FUCK YRSELF!! Goodbye and good riddance.

Cover artwork by Doctor Mario. 

RELEASE DATE: December 31, 2017
GENRE: Breakcore, Dark Ambient, Extratone, Glitch, IDM, Industrial, Jungle


Helaku - Sucked F%#king Dry

01. Sucked F%#king Dry (Alternate Version)
02. My Brain Will Blow If I Don't Get Laid
03. War And Money History Are Nothing But Jokes
04. Life Itself Is The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale
05. Sucked F%#king Dry

2016 cOmaRecOrdz (CR099)

The electronic shaman is back with a very simple, but poignant message. It's time to stop desecrating Mother Earth before it's too late.  

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." (Albert Einstein) 

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2016
GENRE: Drum and Bass, Dubstep  


Batard Tronique - Kozak Bass

01. Glory to Khristos'
02. Pray For Ukraine
03. Joy Prayer
04. Hutsul Ballad
05. Slava Ukraini
06. Virgin Mary

2016 cOmaRecOrdz (CR098)

Batard Tronique returns to the cOmaWrek family with the label's first release of 2016. This time around he switches it up and drops some ethnic kozak bass music. 

This is a co-release with Paris Zombie Netlabel and Sociopath Recordings. 

RELEASE DATE: February 7, 2016
GENRE: Breakbeat, Kozak Bass  


Slawowycz - United Ukrainians

01. Panslavisme (Freestyle)
02. Vendetta
03. Message A Mozhaev
04. Pro Ukraine Anti Russia (Freestyle)
05. Guerrier Slave de Legende (Instrumental)
06. Pure Slavic (Instrumental)

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR097)

Slawowycz is a French rapper of Ukrainian descent who represents the Ukrainian diaspora and their battle for freedom and independence.

RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2015
GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap


Ickymack - Duck Fucking Blunted EP

01. Sorban
02. Burnt Up
03. Duck Hunting
04. Dark Matter
05. All It Is (Ft. DBoy Da Villian)

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR096) 

All tracks produced by Resinhits.
Recorded by Dale Jurie Smith at the K Hole in San Francisco, California.
Special thanks to DBoy Da Villian and Mastercard.
Cover art by Francesca Ira. 

RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2015
GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap  


Adouk Boucan - Poudre Noire Sampler EP

01. L'Acrobate
02. L'Egyptienne (Part 1)
03. L'Indiscrete

2015 cOmaRecOrdz (CR095) 

This three track sampler EP is an introduction to the new album, Poudre Noire, by French musician Adouk Boucan. 

You can buy the full album here: ADOUK BOUCAN - POUDRE NOIRE 

RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2015
GENRE: Glitch, Trip Hop